Combat or Come Back?

May 23, 2018

If you knew the secret of life, you too would choose no other companion but love.
— Rumi

We live in a universe of duality. Up down, left right, good bad and so on. Hence it is our choice whether we want to learn through fear or whether we want to learn through love. 

The universe is non-judgmental and always responds to the energy that is behind our beliefs. Energy flows where our attention goes and because of this truth we have the super-power to let the experience of our experience change!

Drive in traffic, turn on the news or step into a packed elevator and one can get easily hooked into fear and negativity. All our expressions of apathy, stress, jealousy or fear are being projected back at us with the same intense force as our feelings of empathy, peace, joy or love! Therefore, it is our practice, as conscious human beings, to see fear for what it is: a teacher not to combat, but a teacher allowing us to come back to love. 

Your Super-Hero power is that you can choose love over fear! This choice in return has the power to completely change your life and the lives of those around you. You can choose right now and there is no need to wait for the universe to knock on your door with a lesson.

It is not about how well we avoid fear, but about how fast we can return to love.

We are not responsible what our eyes are seeing, but we are responsible for the perception and the judgment, of that which we are seeing,

You are made in the image and likeness of God. You deserve love, because God is love and God created your life as a perfect loving thought. The moment you combat fear, you hurt, the moment you come back to love, you heal!

Come back to love!

Today I love fiercely, and I fully engage in life that does not come with any guarantees. I always come back to love and live with joy, gratitude, and grace.

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