Only Truth Is

June 14, 2018

Nonbeing can never be; being can never not be.
Both these statements are obvious to those who have seen the truth.

~The Bhagavad Gita

In an era of fake news, mind boggling fact spinning and daily overdose of opinions in any subject or field, it can be hard for many of us to see the truth. Where is it? Where do we look?

In our daily lives, with all of the things mentioned above happening simultaneously, we are dealing with information only; and information is not knowledge, nor wisdom. We live in a world of effect wondering about the cause, overlooking the universal fact, that there is balance in all things and that the answer is already rooted within the question.

We are living our physical lives in a dualistic world; a world of seeming opposites. It is up to us to embrace that, which simply is and to bring a rhythmic balance to all these two-sided effects, which we find in the world outside, but also in the unique universe, which dwells inside any one of us.

Whether we are attracted to or repelled by ideas that we are presented with in our every day lives, we also know that today's accepted ideas and many ideas now labeled as old, were once unrecognizable new ones.

As the wonderful, unique and prefect emanations of the Divine that we are, we have the capabilities of bringing the outside of technique and education together with our inside of inspiration, imagination, creativity and vision. Here we get to bring new ideas into being!

Therefor it is not about fighting the ideas that repel us but inviting the new ones into being that attract us. By putting these on solid ground, they themselves will stand as beacons and attract more love, peace, prosperity, wellbeing and balance into all our lives.

And there it is: We look inside and get to see the truth. Only Truth is!

Today I transform fake into authentic and worldly opinion into my universal knowing of the interconnectedness of all beings! My life is my message! Only Truth is!

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