Spaceship Earth

August 21, 2018
We are all astronauts on a little spaceship called Earth. 
~R. Buckminster Fuller

When I came across the above quote from Buckminster Fuller, who coined the phrase ‘spaceship earth’ in the mid 1960’s, it changed my perspective of how I look at myself and who we are as people. 

Up to this point I looked at people and objects as independent of each other, independent of our mind and independent of other phenomena. The universe appeared to consist of discreet things that have an existence of their own. There are people, mountains, stars and galaxies that seemed to be waiting to be experienced by conscious beings.

In our day-to-day lives we are usually unaware that we are quite involved in the existence of all these phenomena. Usually we simply perceive our bodies existing by themselves, but we do not recognize that our mind or anyone else’s awareness is involved in bringing our body into existence. 

When I allow myself to step out of my comfort zone and look at myself as an astronaut and at planet earth as a spaceship, an interconnectedness of all things becomes apparent. Not only does it become obvious that all my actions do matter in this linked web of all elements and concepts, it also shows that the earth becomes a spaceship because of my awareness of it and my ability to give it such a meaning. 

Suddenly I am aware that I carry around an entire world within myself. The outward expression of things exists within my mind! I am its custodian and its entrance and no one else can see exactly the same world as each one of us individually sees it. There is no need to compare. As we individually, as a society and as a planet evolve in our awareness of our world within, we will, by default, change our world outside.

My inner world is beautiful, nurturing and life affirming. I recognize my interconnectedness with all things. My inner landscape changes my outward experience.
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