Life as a Wave

August 8, 2019

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

Our world is endlessly imagining itself into existence. It is endlessly generating the specific and individual things of which it is made, yet it is all created out of a divine dance of an energetic fabric that is continuously being weaved.

As the great oriental teachers tell us, between you and I and the teapot on the table exists this energetic fabric, which they call the samadhi of the universe. Out of this weaving process of creation, which some traditions also refer to as a dream, no being has ever fallen and no-thing has ever been forgotten. The universe itself, that which I call God, is the deep meditative state of its own beingness, which contains all things. 

However, this deep meditative state does not just hold everything, it actually becomes everything. It in itself becomes earth, wind, fire, water and so on.

We ourselves can put this to the test as well. In mediation we can fall through the bottom of our individuality and merge with the universe-as-a-whole, a state, we refer to as oneness. Like individual waves, which are not separate from the ocean, we simply remember what is already present and what is always true. 

And as a "remembering wave" we fully express our spiritual shape: each one of us is the ocean in our own particular form. Each one of us is God come into a body; Divine, unique emanations expressing themselves in, as and through our human expression.

However, in this earth plane we often abandon the wave in favor of the ocean, as though there is something truer about the ocean than about the wave. Our human dance points us to move right into the center of our physical existence, to be fully present and to simply remember the taste of the vast ocean.

I am the drop, the wave and the ocean. I rest in the ocean and remember my beingness as a wave. I live my life joyfully and fully express God!

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