Make and Be

October 23, 2019
If you have faith as small as mustard seed […] Nothing will be impossible for you.
~Matthew 17:20

Who am I as a being? Who are we as a human race? How am I being? Where are we racing?

In a world where we define ourselves as us against them, where good is characterized as the opposite of evil, where opinions get higher ratings than truth and faster is the ultimate better, we need to remember that we ought to look with a single eye. 

A single view that knows that all opposites are two sides of the same energetic coin.

We need to un-train ourselves to simply follow those things that promise us to be new and free, We have to remember that every time we want things fast, light-filled, joyous and for us to be in the now, we have to ground these desires on a solid foundation of study, meditation, fellowship and tithing.

Today's desire creates the trajectory of what our tomorrow is ought to become. We are incredibly powerful beings, yet we let ourselves believe that the mountain that we perceive in front of us cannot be moved.

Whether that mountain that we hold in our minds is a promotion, making a friendship, overcoming homelessness or reversing climate change, we have to be patient with ourselves, step into our power, know where we want to go, feel this goal inside of us as accomplished and then simply be present in the moment and enjoy the journey one step at a time. One step, that is all that matters today!

We are makers, powerful makers. If we set ourselves free from the worldly new that wants to impose itself onto us, we get to make our visions into reality. All we need to let is BE. 

The being, that allows itself to simply be, is the most powerful in the universe. You are that power!

Today I allow myself to simply be, and I let God express Itself in, as and through me. Life is good!

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