A New World

November 17, 2020

Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world!

You are perfect! You are love and you are being loved! These are words we might not hear too often in today’s world where a majority of our co-soul journeyers seem to be driven by fear, anger, not-enough-ness and a deep sense of uncertainty.

Who do we think we are? We go around our daily lives acting like human do-ings, instead of human beings. We allow our friends, families, jobs, cars, mortgages to define our reality with a lower-case "r", as if this three-dimensional density of our being in this world could define the entirety of each and every one of us.

Ancient Indian wisdom teaches us, that we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience. How does our perception of our day-to-day experience change once we allow ourselves to look at our being-ness from this perspective?

When we change our focus from the lower-case "r", which wants to define our reality as doing, to the upper-case "R", which defines our true nature as being, we get to experience the true freedom of our existence. We are so much more than working ourselves through a pandemic, natural disasters or fear-based news coverages and politics.

Let’s embrace our eternal energetic vibration! Our wonderful and wonder-filled spiritual nature is rooted in our true Reality which always exists, and which is always blissful. From this higher state of being we get to create our lives anew so that we can experience joy, love, peace, harmony and abundance anytime we want to no matter the circumstances at hand.

God loved itself so much that It created the being which is you out of Itself! This alone makes you perfect, whole and complete no matter what the world is throwing at you; and because of it you are love and always will be loved!

I create my world anew! Old patterns do not serve me any longer! The newness of my thought holds power and the desire in my heart charts my path forward!

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