Waiting or Moving

December 1, 2020

Oh soul, you worry too much. [...] You are in truth the soul, of the soul, of the soul.
~ Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi

As a spiritual being that is having a human experience, I constantly move towards the greater yet to be in every moment. I am not waiting for something great to happen in order to feel good nor am I waiting for something challenging to occur in order to simply say that I was right.

God is good! And God is always for itself and never against itself! Hence, as a wonderful, true, whole and perfect emanation of the Divine, I am constantly evolving and moving towards my spiritual destination and creating my own path as I am walking through this three-dimensional world.

Although things seem to be at times scary and at times familiar, from living through a pandemic, to economic hardship, to global warming, and family relations, from still working on human rights and inclusivity to the freedom of speech, I am fully equipped to see and grasp the good in every moment. The smile behind a mask is like the sun that always shines behind the clouds. Even if I cannot see it in a particular situation, I know it is still there and I am grateful for it.

Truth is a spiritual principle and it is not defined by a person or group. I am as uniquely expressing God as is another being besides me. However, remembering that we are here to recognize the oneness of our being, expressing the One as the many, is part of our journey.

Are we moving through these current times acknowledging our oneness, or are we waiting for even more challenges to come through us in order to realize the very same oneness that we already are? We are One, living in one world on one planet, in one universe, expressing in, as and through us this one divine Truth!

Today I discover the universe inside myself. Everything I ever wanted I already am. Wherever I go, God is there already!

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