Action of Stillness

October 8, 2018

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.  ~Ansel Adams

Taking photographs is a passion of mine. It is a delight capturing a moment in time and discovering something in the image that the naked eye could not perceive. It is the unraveling of a single moment. The essence of being crystalizes out of the overwhelming business of a scene and the focus of the lens chisels away anything unnecessary and reveals the mystery of that, which lies in-between. Going from one moment to another moment. 

That, which we can only experience within the amalgamation of many things going on simultaneously, suddenly comes forward into clarity. Highlights emphasizing the aliveness of an all-powerful gaze, deep creases in a withered face telling the story of a road intensely traveled contrasted with a landscape that seems to radiate with light from within. Life affirming, soul nurturing images that capture the moment, yet are itself so much more than the moment being observed.

An inspiring photograph reveals eternity, polishes one facet of the gem called life that we have not noticed quite like this before. It is a genesis experience, allowing that, which is already perfect to emerge in the right here and right now.

Every day millions of photographs are being taken. In fact, it seems no action is allowed to take place any longer without a camera present, a social media post shared, an Instagram picture uploaded, or a twitter moment crafted. Which of the multitude of pictures taken really matter? Which are the ones that only capture a situation, and which are the ones that deeply move something inside of us and connect us to each other and to Life itself?

Magic happens after experiencing a photograph that moves us, when we know more about ourselves and our connectedness to Life and can feel the answered prayer we are living!

My life is a true, unique color on the great canvas of Life. I focus on the stillness within, and love, peace and clarity emerge in every aspect of my life!

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