The Gift

November 5, 2018

Mediate. Feel Better. Help Others. Repeat.
~ Gen Kelsang Rigpa

You are the gift you are giving to this world! Even when the places around us seem chaotic and callous and we might think we have forgotten what the sense of inner peace feels like, we can cultivate the moments of stillness, and realize that we are in this world, but not of this world. We know that even as we may be in the eye of the storm, we still are caring and attentive to one another’s needs.

As we breathe into these moments of difficulty experienced, we remember that God loves us and that we love God! By directing kind intentions toward ourselves and others we are actively shifting the energy within us from unpleasant thoughts and emotions to positive ones, and by doing so we are expanding compassion in the energetic field all around us.

When we feel the exhaustion of the day and come to know our own need for us to replenish our own energy, we get to realize that we do not have to give up on our own giving! When we seek the fellowship of co-travelers on this journey called life and allow ourselves to be nurtured by those around us, we in return can then reach out again into the world. There is no need of closing up and isolating ourselves because of an inner fight-or-flight response due to exhaustion and despair induced by worldly situations and circumstances around us.

Through prayer and meditation, we have powerful tools to work with tumultuous thoughts and difficult emotions. Not to cast them aside and to silence them, but to simply look at them and let them be for what they are: thoughts and emotions. You are the gift that keeps giving of itself! The power of the Divine is right where you are!

Good loves me and I love God! I am a true divine emanation of the Divine! God is right where I am!

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