Be Here Now

May 8, 2020

Be Here Now.
~Ram Dass

Across from my apartment, healthcare workers at the hospital are doing all they can to keep us well and safe. Up the street there is a grocery store with wonderful workers keeping our community fed and a few blocks further the marquee on the local theater reads "Standing together".

The world is changing on an hourly basis and yesterday's path forward is today's fork in the road. The daily physical and emotional sprints we grew accustomed to of balancing work life with school and family time, suddenly became a marathon that seems impossible to sustain.

Physical running teaches us to keep moving forward, one step at a time and the wise ones in our community remind us to focus on just what is at hand, the here and now.

To be here now is an active energetic vibration that brings into focus that, which is. With all that is going on in the world, our internal landscape asks for a new horizon, beyond a freedom-filled past that we might feel we left behind and an uncharted tomorrow, which we both worry about and also hope for. The present moment can feel somewhat like an uneasy dream we all desire to wake up from. Nevertheless, here we are.

Right now, this moment, this next step, calls on us! It calls on us with a single message: to serve with love! The essential workers are serving us all, and we can offer our own loving service back doing what we can to keep them safe. A simple gesture of “thank you” when the opportunity arises, an online hangout with neighbors, family and friends and donations to help our local communities to remain active and healthy. Staying in the present moment helps us to see the good that is here now!

Today I bless the essential doing and the non-essential not-doing. God expresses Itself in, as and through me. God comforts and God uplifts!

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