April 21, 2020

Nothing I say can explain to you Divine Love. Yet all of creation cannot seem to stop talking about it. 

The mind never sleeps! We all are co-creative beings in the Spirit - always, no exceptions! The images we hold in your individual minds as well as in the collective, combined with our beliefs can literally move mountains.

Let us wake up on the bright side of the bed today and step into this world with the knowing we are perfect and that we are empowered to bring beauty, joy, peace, health and love into this world!

What do you want to create today?

Especially in western traditions most of us grew up with a tendency to voice what we do not want, rather than expressing that, which we do want. Spirit does not know anything of the word 'no'! Energy flows where our attention goes is one of the deep insights of our teaching. This is not to bypass or minimize the effects of anything unpleasant, situations that we feel could be better or circumstances that are outright hurtful. Once we acknowledge any feeling that we feel for what it is, we can work with it in new ways.

Feelings in general are neutral. It is our judgement that labels them as good, bad, right or wrong. Any of our feelings are pointers that either want us to stay on the safe side or call us to explore new pathways, whether it is about bodily healing, emotional wellbeing or spiritual unfoldment.

From the place of authentic self-love, we can look at our world with two choices: We can see the love that is already there, or we can see the call to love that presents itself as a pointer through our inner world of feelings. All the soul-journeyers we meet every day are on the path of conscious co-creation together with us.

What do you want to create today?

God loves me and I love God. Divine Love is all that there is. Today, I create from this place of knowing!

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