Love It Into Existence

September 11, 2020

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ~Rumi

It can be difficult to love ourselves and others and foster kindness toward the world around us, especially during such tumultuous political and economic times. Meditation helps us work on our relationship with ourselves and others, even those we find challenging in the world around us. Our inner practice and the deep roots in the beloved community hold the power that connects, inspires, and motivates us to transform our world.

Being steadfast in our love for ourselves and others and knowing that the beloved community has our back, we are not concerned by opinions, agendas, or other personal implications. What matters in every moment, with every small step we take, is that there is no other, in the sense of otherness or exclusion. There is only one human race, living on one planet, sharing the same desires and needs. Love and peace are expressed in the smallest and most obscure places and all we have to do is to recognize it and to show up!

We, as conscious co-creative beings that are allowing our greater yet-to-be to express in, as and through us, get to see and experience that the labels we have put on things do not serve us any longer. We have outgrown labels, boxes, sorting hats and magic wands! We are it! We have arrived at this point to step into our true power as one body of being, one human race, one beloved community. No more excuses, no ignoring or looking the other way.

When we look into someone else's eyes we get to see the person in front of us as us. What would I love to hear, see, feel or simply know, from me as the person in front of me? Today, we get to love a world into existence that works for all!

God is my motivation and I connect, inspire, transform and love a world into existence that works for all!

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