Sit With It

July 31, 2020

Sit, be still, and listen, because you're drunk and we're at the edge of the roof.

You are a unique, divine emanation of Spirit! God loved Itself so much It created Itself as your life! Therefore, you express God as only you can and no one else!

Take your seat in the heart center of the Universe and plant your feet firmly on its ground. Take your focus away from the everyday situations and circumstances. Reset, replenish, and restore your inner divinity, so your outward expression can be that of high conscious, compassionate leadership.
Take a deep breath in and claim your divine inheritance. Feel the feeling of joy in your body temple as you inhale. As you pause, shine your light on any unconscious biases.  

Take a long breath out and let the love that you are dissolve all that, which was left behind or that, which is perceived to be lost. Sit with any discomfort without judgment. Simply notice that which arises.

Bring your awareness to your body's and your mind's resilience. The Universe has your back! There is no thing you cannot do! The universe is non-judgmental and always responds to the feeling that is behind your beliefs. 

Follow your breath in and out and with a beginner's mind approach new situations with curiosity and kindness. Foster your self-awareness so you may unravel and transform even microaggressions that you recognize in your physical surroundings.  

Just be aware as you breathe in and aware as you breathe out. Your inner knowing of Truth replenishes your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and also restores your outward humanity.

Rest your mind on your nostrils and notice the gentle rhythm of your breath. You create the movie of your life’s experience. Energy flows where your attention goes and because of this truth you sit in the director’s chair and only you can allow the change to manifest!

Today I sit and I let the stillness take over. I allow myself to step into the open space it creates. God expresses Itself in, as and through me and the rhythm of my breath creates my life!

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