New Year – New Me

January 4, 2020

And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?

It is a New Year and the new you is calling you forth to become more of yourself than the self you expanded into the year before.

All cultures observe their traditional or religious New Year according to their own customs. Sometimes this happens in addition to the Gregorian civil calendar. Yet throughout one year we get to celebrate the newness within us between the Chinese New Year, the Islamic New Year, the traditional Japanese New Year or the Jewish New Year just to name some of the more well-known examples including India’s New Year and others that continue to celebrate ones’ newness on different dates.

All traditions have this moment of renewal, based on constellations, equinoxes or lunar and sun cycles, where worldly celebration meets the pureness of Spirit and the calling from our higher selves to become the more excellent versions of our current selves.

Behind all our personal resolutions of more exercise, new relationships, a better job and so many other thoughts and wishes, is the calling of the future self, which is calling us already and waiting for us, to make sure we will continue on our journey.

Let your feelings navigate your path! Be unapologetic about how you want to feel. Always love yourself back to peace and always surrender the story you tell yourself. Let the universe do its thing and be the nonjudgmental witness of anything that stretches you into areas you didn’t think you could expand into! Your honesty with yourself opens up your superpower!

Your new you is calling you! Are you ready? Let your fearless freedom and love for God lighten up the world and inspire everyone who finds themselves around you! It is a New Year and the new you knows, who and whose you are! Life is good!

I am a true unique emanation of the Devine. God loves me and I love God! What an excellent New Year!

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