The Gift of Freedom

December 1, 2019

Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I Am!
~John 8:58

There is a gift Spirit wants to express in, as and through us especially during this holy season of Kwanza, Hanukkah and Christmas; and this gift is the gift of freedom!

In those moments, when our mind is on auto pilot, we tend to focus on the mundane of objects, situations, circumstances, feelings, emotions, thoughts and all the things that when we mistakenly identify our true and infinite Self with them, will keep us small, limited, exhausted and an imprisoned and minuscule version of ourselves.

However, when we rest in the witness, our true Self, we find a vast sense of freedom, a sense of liberation, of release, a vast expanse of infinite depth and the freedom from identifying with the small self and finite things and objects. A vast equanimity becomes available to us without grasping or trying to hold on to any idea or concept.

From this field, which is outside of any notion of wrongdoing or right doing, we have thoughts, but we are not those thoughts. We have an experience, but we are not the experience and we have feelings and emotions, but we are not these feelings and emotions. Through this tangible experience of our pure Self, we are freed of all thoughts, feelings, emotions and experience. 

Our true Self is radical freedom, pure emptiness, a vast open space. We are that, which is ever present, inclusive, and all embracing. In those moments everything we mistakenly identified with falls away and allows us to observe with unshakable equanimity all that arises in our pure unbound awareness.

You are the unborn and undying original face that you had before your parents were born, before the universe was born and before time and space existed. You are the gift and infinite freedom to create rests within you!

My life expresses the Life of God. God is freedom and this freedom is my freedom. I am the gift and I give of myself fully!

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