The Peace of God

June 19, 2019

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.
~ A Course in Miracles 

Just as you were ready to leave to come into this human experience you turned around to the Divine knowing that you might forget the warmth, the embrace, and the love that is there for you, has been there for you and will be there for you. Before you took this leap of faith to go on your journey of becoming, you felt the graceful gaze and saw the gentle and love-filled smile that assured you, that you are never alone, that every day there would be little hints to make sure you remembered that the plan you created for yourself is working out for you. Perfectly.

Then, you jumped right in. A roller coaster ride filled with mothers, fathers, siblings, teachers and other soul journeyers. A rich book of relationships to teach you your own curriculum of pleasure and pain, depression and triumph, mediocrity and excellence. All the knowing of the past life times, of lessons learned, love found, and places visited melt together into a brand-new experience of you becoming more of you.

The universe has your back, yet it also conspired with you, over uncountable details, for itself to know more about its own beingness in, as and through you and your journey. You are now in a relationship with that part of you, that you met some eons ago, but that did not yet find closure, still has questions and is not yet complete.

All you need to do now is to remember. Find the love in every moment of every day and see the hints of your divine heritage in every smile and even the littlest encounters. You and the Divine are on this journey together as One. Experience and the one experiencing are one and the same. And herein lies the peace of God!

My life is a course in miracles and all my expressions of love are maximal. I feel deep peace, because I am meeting myself without judgement.

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