Life’s Embrace

May 13, 2019
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.  ~ Rumi

Life is good! In our day to day lives we look at the thing called life through our own lenses and from our own unique vantage points. We experience our world through sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Our bodies feel hot, cold, pain and balance and we do have an overall bodily awareness. Yet as spiritual beings we are so much more than our physical experiences.

We are mystical beings and it is in our very nature that we are constantly invited through changes around us and in us to become the very best next version of ourselves. How are we being toady? How are we being with ourselves and how are we being with others? As we all move in consciousness, we are vessels for the Divine to express itself in, as and through us. Simultaneously through the individualized consciousness that we all represent, we get to witness how God moves through our lives. There are the Aha-moments of realization and the gratitude that we get to cherish as a result of that very same witnessing of God unfolding as the one Life.

Yes, there are the waves, wakes and disturbances of the physical universe. There are the things and situations that we wish should not have happened to us or others. There are the opinions and judgements of the world that we allow all too often to define who we are. Yet, when we connect to our true self through prayer, mediation, study and fellowship we get to clean the lens through which we are viewing the cosmos, ourselves or our fellow soul journeyers.

We are all anointed and called forward to become the most excellent expression of ourselves. We are blessed and absolutely perfect as spiritual beings. We are sanctified and ordained to simply be.


My life is magnificent! God pours Itself into me in every moment! I am all-encompassing love and today I am willing to embrace all of life!

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