The Vision Forward

January 5, 2021

Morning prospective: Imagination. Evening retrospective: Memory.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A new year is upon us. A new round around the sun that holds the promise of infinite possibilities. When we turn around and to look back at the path that got us to this milestone we can see the seeds we have gathered and recognize the possibilities which already rest in the palms of our hands in this now moment. How shall we handle these seeds?

We are the makers of life affirming thoughts, nurturing deeds and meaningful actions. We are the gardeners that tend to our seeds in the nursery of our minds, which then creates the wonderful and wonder-filled harvest in the fields of our lives. We propel ourselves forward to our next milestone through healthy thoughts, good rest, healthy foods and a solid spiritual practice of prayer, mediation, study and fellowship.

At this time we are again at a choice point. A moment where we can remain frozen in looking back and analyzing in great detail what could have been, what should have been and how all the should-have-beens could have been different. Or we can turn our heads to the path we are charting through moving forward while being grateful and thankful for all the experiences and situations that got us to this moment.

In this gratitude we acknowledge any hardship we may have endured or might currently still be going through. We rest in the spiritual knowing that the way through is the way out and that we embrace and surrender to the new vibrational frequency we experience in our beingness.

Through the knowing of who and what we are, we can firmly stand on the shoulders of all our ancestors and get to confidently step into the next stage of our own unfolding. This moment is a choice point. Let’s all choose wisely!

Today my memory leads to imagination and informs my vision. This powerful moment I stand in  is filled with agape love, gratitude and a peaceful, sustainable way forward for all.

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