A Mighty Difference

January 8, 2019

Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the worlds. 

As we step into the desired newness of another round around the sun, we get to take a moment to realize the stress and intensity with which we usually go through every day of our lives. We worry, we grow anxious and more often than not we magnify trivia to the extent, that we give the mask of the unimportant the power to superimpose itself onto the face of the divine. By doing so we dim the light that shines in our hearts. 

That, which illuminates our minds to see beauty, the knowing that infinite possibilities carry us and the desire to love and be loved, all want to break through our day-to-day living and shine as our real lives. We already have that perfect love within us. No one else can express the landscape we carry within ourselves better than our unique selves. We are the custodians and the entrance to this particular expression of life itself. It is impossible to compare ourselves with someone else, because we each stand on such different grounds with such different vistas into the valleys and onto the hillsides of life.

The feeling tone in our hearts, the knowing of what is loving and life affirming, is our inner compass and guiding light. Our journey is to make the inner landscape even more beautiful and to bring even more love and kindness into our outer world. Love is absolutely vital. For love alone can awaken the divine. In love we grow and come home to our true self.

As we take the step into the newness of the new year, let us remember that when we learn to love and be loved, we get to take the warmth of the hearth of our own spirit and make a mighty difference in this world.

God loves me, and I love God. I am a blessing and I am blessed. The love that I am loves this life. I am the change this world desires!

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