Integrated, not Separated

March 12, 2019

What in your life is calling you, when all the noise is silenced, and all the meetings adjourned...

Following our spiritual practices can sometimes be a challenge. We are often so easily distracted by circumstances, advertisements, social media posts or the sheer demands of everyday life from taking care of children, making the next appointment to simply preparing dinner.

This is true for everyone! Our perception is, that there is never enough time, or enough quiet space, to follow our prayer, meditation, or contemplation practices. However, when we do overcome our limiting belief of time and space and exercise our spiritual muscles, we feel the benefits in our minds and souls in the same way we feel the energy circulating in our bodies when we do physical exercises.

We are spiritual beings, and this is our human experience. Whenever we encounter challenges, conflict and stress, we easily feel like a fish out of water. In these moments we can tell that we are not in our element. We are disconnected from Spirit. Especially in these situations and circumstances can we find solace in our spiritual practices and re-immerse ourselves in our home, our spiritual body.

As soon as we can realign again this good energy with ourselves, we can bring our connectedness with Spirit to everything we do. Hence, our spirituality is not separate from the rest of our lives. In fact, it is the center from which we expand into all aspects of our being.

Even in those moments when we notice our disconnectedness from our true selves can we choose to hear the beautiful song of birds as a gift from God and come back to our center. In any moment of our human experience do we have the power to choose and express gratitude for the full and exciting lives we live, however busy we may be! Our spiritual practice suddenly became our calling.

Today I am expanding in Spirit and I bring the goodness of God with me into everything I do! God is good and I am grateful!

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