From Madness to Miracle

April 4, 2019

Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction. 

In our human experience it is very easy to look past the magnificence of Life and instead experience it as a fight, as a survival of the fittest, or as something to overcome. Especially, when we find ourselves in situations and circumstances that we experience as unpleasant, dense or unwanted, our basic reaction might be to fix, fight, set aside or ignore what is at hand. 

God is always for itself and never against itself! God is always life affirming and nurturing! Hence, it cannot be that we, as an expression of the one Life itself, as the creation that is created in the image and likeness of the Divine, believe, that we are punished, unworthy or even un-lovable. 

What, if the situation that presents itself to us, however daunting it may look to our human nature, is a mirror, or a pointer, which wants us to see and experience what is really there? What, if the perceived problem or challenge has the solution already built into it? God is good! Hence, the Divine has already equipped us with all the tools we need to see a challenge for what it is, a challenge, and to walk through it with the confidence that wherever our feet step, God is there already. We can never not be on divine ground! 

Therefore, it is not about curing, fixing, changing, or adjusting. We can lovingly remain in the present moment, look into the mirror that life presents itself to us in all the forms of relationships, jobs, material things or even spiritual insights and either feel the love that is there already or take the feeling we feel in our bodies at that moment as a pointer to turn our attention and our life's path into the direction that really matters: Love.

My eye is single, and I clearly see Love in every moment of my life. God is everywhere present, and I firmly stand on holy ground!

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